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Tango Generations

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This is the the Show that Gustavo & Giselle have created in 2011 and it was performed until 2013:

 The show was based in a very different  approach to the Argentine Tango from the usual. This was not the typical and often repeated recreation of the "history of tango" with its famous brothel and hoodlums. Nor is the old and ultra used cliché of the passionate and tragic relationship between man and woman. Here the tango appears as a new form of communication, whose central focus is installed on the relationship of movement that occurs between man and woman when they "really together" link to the music. This new situation provided by the Tango and projected in this show, represents a possibility of endless exploration, full of action and surprises, in which artistic creativity does not arise from "an" author, but is born and manifests in that "relationship". This show deepens on the Tango converting it into a creative space where each danced tango is a unique event, a singular and unrepeatable act, and where the "dance embrace" is an affective metaphor of a solidary and accomplice activity between man & woman roles. The Argentine Tango has experienced in the last 20 years an unparalleled growth and development of its artistic possibilities. This outrageous choreographic explosion also represents the relief of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, always immersed in the stress of a conflictive, uncertain and often dangerous environment. The rebirth of the Tango in the 90s also and invariably aroused deep generational differences in the conception of the dance. "Tango Generations" humorous but deeply crosses through that generational problem, imposing as a result the success of the creative event driven by their environment.

Dancers that took part in this show

-Ariadna Naveira

-Fernando Sanchez

-Federico Naveira

Sabrina Masso

-Silvina Valz

-Mariana Flores

-Eduardo Capussi

-Nito Garcia

-Elba Garcia

-Gustavo Naveira 

-Giselle Anne

Show  Performed

imagen para taiwan2.jpg

September 30, 2011

Boulder, CO, USA

G&G Argentine Tango Festival
Dairy Center for the Arts

January 4, 2012

Cesena, Italy

Cesena International tango Festival
Teatro Verdi 

April 7, 2012

Basel, Switzerland

Oster Tango 2012 

International Tango Festival 
Basel Schauspielhaus Theater 

June 6, 2012

Taipei, Taiwan

Tangoasi Event: Tango Generations - 2012 festival
Liberty Square Convention Center


August 11, 2012 

Catania, Italy

Catania Tango Festival 2012
Teatro della Terrazza Ulisse


August 18, 2012

Tarbes, France

Tarbes en Tango 2012
Halle Mercadier

August 1st, 2013

Aarhus, Denmark

At Tango Malevaje Festival 

Bora Bora Theater, Aarhus C

August 14th, 2013

Moscow, Russia

11h International Argentine Tango Festival «Milonguero Nights»
Teatrium na Serpukhovke

moscu tango generation.jpg
Tango Generations HORIZONTAL - bajito small.jpg



Swiss- 2012-April 10

Swiss press TG_
La Nouvelle Republique02_08_12_tapacompleta.jpg

La Republique, France
2012-August 20th

Catania, Italy

Catania 1.jpg
Catania 2.jpg
IMG_4923 2.heic
IMG_4922 2.heic
IMG_4921 2.heic

Magazine: La Milonga Argentina
Edition November 2013 


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