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Europe Summer tour 2023:

-Rome, Italy: June 2nd-4th-  Farabutetangofest
-Lugano, Switzerland: June 7th-11th-  FestivalLuganoTango
-Cesena, Italy: June16th-18th- - Postponed
-Bucharest, Romania: June 24th-25th -
-Catania, Italy: June 30th to July 2nd-  CataniaSummerTangoWeek
-Berlin, Germany: July 3rd-9th-
-Milan, Italy: July 13th-16th-  EhMilanoTangoFest
-Hong Kong:  July 19th- 23rd 
-Istambul, Turkey: 17th to 19th November 2023-
-Athenas, Greece:  February 1st to 4th -


Seminars/ Workshops /Shows

These are all the events already confirmed where G&G will teach and perform during their stay in Europe.


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