Tours and artistic performances

1984 -1986

1987 - January to March

1987 -  June/July

1987 -  October to December

1987 - December

1987 - December

1988 - January to March




1988- May


1988  - July/August

1988  - November/ December

1989- April/May

1989 - June to October

Performance with the Folkloric Ballet of the University of Buenos Aires, in the Federal Capital and the interior of the country.

Tour of JAPAN -55 cities-with the San Telmo Ballet. Realization of the show “Época de Tango”. Jorge Dragone Orchestra c / Enrique Dumas and Cuarteto del Centenario.

PERÚ-ECUADOR Tour participating in the "Festival del Tango ‘87", held in the cities of Lima, Cuenca, Quito and Guayaquil, with the San Telmo Ballet. Orq Dragone c / Argentino Ledesma.

Metropolitan Theater of Buenos Aires with the Ballet "A Todo Tango" and the Mariano Mores show.

Television, channel 9 of Buenos Aires, with the Ballet "A Todo Tango" in a tribute to Libertad Lamarque, guest of the show.

Teatro Roma of the Province of San Luis, performance with the Ballet a Todo Tango, Orchestra. Mariano Mores

 Mar del Plata Opera Theater, with the show “A Todo Tango II”, Jose Collangelo's Orchestra and Libertad Lamarque.

 Television Channel 2 of Buenos Aires, program "Tango Bar"

Film "Departamento 0" directed by Martín Donovan. Choreography and performance of a tango scene, filmed in Buenos Aires. Dancing with "El Aleman"

Television Channel 9 of Buenos Aires. Show with Libertad Lamarque, in “Grandes Valores del Tango”.

 Performance in the Province of Santa Fe, with the show “A Todo Tango II”. Orchestra Mariano Mores.

Performance in Las Leñas, Mendoza province, with Mariano Mores and his show “El Tango”.

  Performances in "Michelangelo", Buenos Aires, with the show “A Todo Tango II” Orchestra Jose Collangelo.

JAPAN, tour as a solo tango couple, touring the cities of Tokyo, Asahikawa, Okayama, Wakayama, Sendai and Nagoya. Choreographic staging of the show. Orlando Tripodi Quartet.

Television channel 2 of Buenos Aires. Performance as a solo tango couple in a popular dance program "Venga a Bailar"

"Michelángelo". Performances in the Buenos Aires night show.

1989 -  August

1989 - October

1990 -  February to April

1990 - May

1990 - May to 1991 August

1990 - November 

1991- April

Participation in a North American film "Naked Tango" by L. Schrader with danced performances wit "El Aleman"

 Tour to Spain with the show "Los Creadores" with Mariano Mores and Ariel Ramírez. Performances at the Nuevo Apolo Theater in Madrid.

JAPAN, tour of 52 cities in the country. Setting and directing the choreography of the show. Orchestra Los Solistas de D'Arienzo (Directed by Carlos Lazari)

Television, channel 9 of Buenos Aires. Performance in the program "Grandes Valores del Tango" as a guest solo couple with "El Aleman"

Performance in the Buenos Aires night show "Tango Mio" house.

Astral Theater of Buenos Aires, solo couple in "La Gran Noche de Milongas" by FM Tango, with the Julián Plaza Orchestra.

CHILE Tour with the show “Tango Mio” performing at the Holliday In Crown Plaza.

1991- May to August

1991 - September

1991 - October

1991 - December

1992 - November 6th

1992 -  November 25th

1993 - January 14th

1993 - February 11th

1993 - February 19 th& 26th

1993 - April 15th

1993 - August 13th

1993 - August 21st

LONDON tour with the show "TANGO ARGENTINO" at the Aldwych theater. Orchestras Sexteto Mayor and Carlos Berlingeri.

Participation in the series the C.I.D. filmed on the Spanish Costa del Sol on English television. 

 Performance as a solo couple in Olivares, Seville, Spain.

Performance as a solo couple at the Andalusian Theater Center in Seville, Spain.

Performance at the Higher School of Dramatic Art and Dance in Seville, Spain, directing the TANGO TALLER ballet, with the show "Buenos Aires de Ayer y de Hoy".

Performance at the Dada Hall in Seville, Spain, directing the TANGO TALLER Ballet with the show "Buenos Aires de Ayer y de Hoy"

Performance at the Gutierrez de Alba Theater in Alcala de Guadaira, Seville, Spain, directing the TANGO TALLER Ballet with the show "Buenos Aires de Ayer y de Hoy" 

 Performance in "A night at the Opera" with the show "Estampas Porteñas"

 Participation in the Tango History Seminar held at the University of Seville, Spain.

Premiere of the show "From the Conventillo to the Colón Theater" held at the Polytechnic University of Seville, Spain. 

 Performance as a solo couple presenting Tango-Show at the Verbena del Veraneante at Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain.

 Performance as a solo couple at the Fuengirola Park Hotel: Tango-Show.

1993 -  September 20th to 25th

Performances at the "Tango Stars Show" in the Puerto Marina of Benalmádena Costa, Malaga, Spain.

1993 - October 9th                  

Participation in the Latin day of the "Feria del Rosario" in Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.

1993 - October 23rd & 24th

Performance with the show "Buenos Aires de Ayer y de Hoy" at the Montpensier Theater in Seville, Spain.

1993 - November 18th to 20th

Performances at the Montpensier Theater in Seville, Spain, with the show “Buenos Aires de Ayer y de Hoy”

1993 - November 12th/ 14th

Performances as a solo couple at "Palacio de la Música" in Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain.

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