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Our Company

GUGI is an entrepreneurship born from our passion for the dance of the Argentine Tango. We have created GUGI in order to provide the best possible professional framework for the conduct of our business. We understand that through GUGI we can develop everything related to the tango dance in a more organized and efficient way.

Our Goals

GUGI is committed to the diffusion and promotion of both the Argentine Tango Dance and all activities related to it. We think it's important that “dancing the Tango” could be a possibility of easy access. GUGI so creates the necessary space for its practice, its development and its artistic and social realization. So that any person with the desire to dance the Tango can do it quickly and thus share its benefits.

We firmly believe, based on our own experience and that of others, that the Argentine Tango is highly beneficial for emotional, mental and physical health of any human being anywhere on Earth. It is a GUGI purpose thus to create programs related to the tango dance activities that contribute to achieving a better quality of life.

Moreover, the Argentine Tango Dance, definitely installed worldwide as unique cultural expression, faces now a vast field of artistic exploration. GUGI then gives us the necessary framework to that path. We are absolutely certain about the excellence of its artistic potential and possibility. We have dedicated our lives to tango, and after more than thirty years of experience, we feel stronger than ever in our commitment to developing the potential of the Argentine Tango Dance in all its magnitude.

Our Company is dedicated to:


• The teaching and demonstration at all levels of the Argentine Tango Dance.
• The foundation, organization and implementation of a Tango School dedicated to the training of Argentine Tango dancers both socially and professional level.
• Improve Tango Dance teaching systems, making them more efficient, through the application of new knowledge and new technologies.
• The formation and training of Tango Dance Teachers.
• The Argentine Tango Dance Technique debugging.
• The production and performing of Argentine Tango Shows.
• The production and realization of Argentine Tango Special Seminars.
• The production and realization of Argentine Tango Festivals.
• The production, completion and publication of books, whether digital or print, on Argentine Tango 
• The production, completion and publication of recorded images, videos and sound of Argentine Tango
• The marketing of all accessory material required for the activity.



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